Our Services

Event Catering

Professional training and quality implementation of any event from a small family event to a grand banquet for a several thousand of people.

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Corporate and industrial catering

Full range of services for the organization of corporate and industrial catering for industrial enterprises, government agencies, business and shopping centers using advanced systems and taking into account regional standards of the civilized and healthy eating.

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Onboard catering services

Modern production of onboard catering services. The quality system ensures food safety, since each process step taken under control: the choice of suppliers of products, storage, preparation, equipment used for on-board power supply.

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Professional cleaning

Professional cleaning is a thorough cleaning of all rooms with disinfection of toilets, cleaning of the tiles, dry cleaning of carpet coatings and natural carpets and furniture with the textile upholstery, including furniture made of natural and artificial leather.

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Laundry and dry cleaning

Laundry, dry cleaning includes all the basic resources of the Laundry facilities: washing, drying and ironing, and an additional bonus- the opportunity to wash clothes by means of specially designated detergents, rather than conventional powders.

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