Our Services

Corporate and industrial catering

We are one of the leading corporate catering operators, specializing in the provision of a full range of catering services

An integrated approach in practice allows customers to:

  • to reduce costs
  • to ensure uniform quality standards
  • to increase the flexibility and efficiency


the complex of corporate and industrial catering services includes:

  • Organization of stationary catering
  • Catering services at the remote objects
  • The organization of food delivery in lunch boxes
  • VIP-service for senior and middle management
  • The organization of buffets and bars
  • The organization of cookery departments and order tables for the implementation of semi-finished products and confectionery
  • Catering services during business meetings, exhibitions, conferences and seminars
  • The organization of protocol and festive events


Catering services in the healthcare facilities

The experience and resources of «Royal Catering» company claimed by many social institutions. Specially for healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, now by Royal Catering company developed a number of programs to achieve cost optimization and to improve the quality of health care services

The range of services includes

  • Organization of clinical nutrition
  • Catering services for employees and visitors of medical institutions
  • Cleaning of premises and territories
  • Professional dry cleaning and washing of linen and workwear